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Welcome to the Communication Department at Cabrini University! We're glad you're here. 

We know how stressful it can be to find the right program at the right university. Maybe Cabrini COM is the right fit for you. How will you know?
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Communication @ Cabrini University

Cabrini COM is a program for socially-minded students who want to use their storytelling skills to make a positive impact on the world.

Here, we teach students how to tell stories that matter.

Stories that matter build knowledge, foster compassion, create connections, and highlight solutions to achieve systemic change. They promote a shift in mindset and energize audiences to work together in service of the Common Good.


Be Prepared

The Future of Communication is Digital & Interdisciplinary

Communication today is becoming increasingly more digital, converged, data-driven and audience focused. Students who want to be prepared for this reality need a program like Cabrini COM that blends the study of communication with vital concepts and practices from business, leadership, graphic design, and computer science.

Specifically, a Cabrini COM education prepares students to excel in these multiple intersecting areas of study.

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Cabrini COM Majors


Cabrini’s Digital Media and Communication major is ideal for highly motivated students who want a hands-on learning experience that prepares them well for a wide variety of communication careers. Rather than silo students into one specific track, this major expands students’ knowledge and skills in content creation, media analytics, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. It also prepares students to excel in graduate and professional programs after graduation. 

Two Majors

Both majors include a capstone course experience, as well as a 4-year focus on career & professional development.


The Communication major at Cabrini is the best choice for students who want to double major in Communication and other complementary disciplines such as Marketing, Business Management, Graphic Design, Psychology, Political Science, and the like. It does not require students to complete two or more media agency rotations and various other applied communication courses in graphic design, podcasting, and media analytics.

Academic Advising in Cabrini COM

As a student in Cabrini COM, you'll get to know all your department faculty members well. One of them will also serve as your Academic Advisor. This COM faculty member will be invested in your
success in the program and in the university, as well as in your life outside of college. Your advisor will get to know you well, come understand your strengths, and use this knowledge to help you do the following:

Plan Your Course Schedule

Meet with your Academic Advisor every semester to plan your course schedule according to degree and graduation requirements, as well as your areas of interest.

Monitor Your Academic Progress

Rely on your Academic Advisor to keep a careful eye on your progress toward graduation, and to assist you with needing to drop, add or withdraw from a course as circumstances may warrant it.

Identify Your Opportunities

Look to your Academic Advisor to suggest curricular, co-curricular or internship opportunities to you that will build your portfolio and prepare you well for leadership and supervisory roles after graduation. 


Work Hard. Get Recognized.

Society for Collegiate Journalists

SCJ is a national honor society for collegiate journalists and communicators. Cabrini COM students who exemplify the highest standards of academic achievement in the department and university, and who serve as leaders of our campus media outlets, are eligible to apply for induction into our school chapter of this esteemed society.

Cabrini COM admits new members, who then elect new SCJ officers, every academic year. Officers and members contribute to the vitality of the department by organizing speaker events for all COM students, serving as peer reviewers of students’ portfolios and media work, and publishing an e-newsletter of important events and announcements for the department.

About Us

The Communication Department at Cabrini University is the ideal place for socially minded students who want to learn how to tell stories that matter. We offer a hands-on program in digital communication and social media that builds the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to create an impact in today's world.

Address: 610 King of Prussia Rd.,
Radnor, PA 19087

Phone: 610-902-8100

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