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Cabrini COM is a production-rich and project-driven department where students begin to produce their own media for public consumption starting in their first year. The benefit of being hands-on from Day 1 is that students are immediately immersed in learning-by-doing and building an impressive portfolio of their media work.

We have three student-run campus media outlets that offer invaluable opportunities for students to build foundational knowledge and skills before moving into leadership roles in these environments. The result is that students develop a technical competency in media production, while also honing their soft skills that prepare them for careers in their chosen field of interest.

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Loquitur Media

The Loquitur is Cabrini University's award-winning, student-produced, college news media outlet. It operates as a 24/7/365 working newsroom staffed by student editors and writers engaged in the practice of public communication. Loquitur is advised by a team of Cabrini COM Department faculty and linked to introductory and advanced coursework in journalism.

Founded in 1959, Loquitur now has over 4,500 online readers and 1,500 print readers each week.

Cavalier Radio

Cavalier Radio is Cabrini University's award-winning FM station, found on the radio dial at 89.1 WYBF FM and as a live stream at This student-run, FCC-licensed station offers a wide variety of music, sports, public affairs, news, and speciality programming.

Students train to become On-Air Personalities and control their own playlists of music. All academic majors at Cabrini University are welcome to join Cavalier Radio by participating in the COM Department's audio production and radio courses.


Social Nexus

The Social Nexus is a student-run digital and social media production agency. Students involved in the agency work individually, and in small teams, in the respective hubs of their choice: Dialogue, Research, Content Creation and Curation, News and Information.

The mission of the agency is to serve as the nexus of social media knowledge creation and platform innovation for telling stories that matter.

Students in the Social Nexus will:

  • Aggregate/curate news and trending information related to social media
  • Facilitate dialogue and engagement among online communities
  • Create, curate and disseminate content across multiple social media channels
  • Produce valuable social media research on pressing topics
  • Showcase the work of Cabrini's faculty, staff and students through various social channels.

Students engaged in the Social Nexus build essential professional skills in content creation and editing, as well as audience engagement and analysis. In addition, they develop valuable interpersonal and leadership skills through constant teamwork and collaboration. They also remain up-to-date on the latest tools, technologies and methods for using social media professionally.

About Us

The Communication Department at Cabrini University is the ideal place for socially minded students who want to learn how to tell stories that matter. We offer a hands-on program in digital communication and social media that builds the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to create an impact in today's world.

Address: 610 King of Prussia Rd.,
Radnor, PA 19087

Phone: 610-902-8100

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