IMC Client Project: TikTok Video

by Hanna Hyland

Students in COM 369 – Integrated Marketing Communication – partner with a real-world client each semester to develop an IMC plan that promotes the client’s products, services, or brand. They also use their media skills to produce promotional messages the client can use in their IMC campaigns.

Here is a TikTok video that Hanna Hyland produced for Hatfield Quality Meats, the client for the Spring 2021 IMC class.

COM 369 provides students with both a theoretical and practical understanding of integrated marketing communication (IMC).  Given the modern media marketplace, this course gives special attention to IMC in the digital and social media age, and how they can work in tandem with traditional media. Students engage in a semester-long team project of five milestones where they assume the roles of a Marketing Communications Manager and Marketing Team for a real- world client. In these roles, students  perform the research, market analysis, and creative brainstorming necessary to develop a robust IMC Campaign Plan that they present to the client at the end of the semester. Students leave this class with a better understanding of integrated marketing communications, client relationship management, and project management. Beyond that, students’ IMC Campaign Portfolio becomes a top-notch “sales tool” to impress potential employers.

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