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Be Hands-on from Day 1

This is the ideal program for high-motivated students who want to become leaders in digital communication.


Build Close Relationships

Our students often work in teams to create media, forging strong friendships with their peers & faculty.


Get Career Focused

We embed career development courses into our 4-year COM curriculum and emphasize internships.


Tell Stories That Matter

Our students consistently win regional and national awards for the content and quality of their productions.

What Can I Do With a Cabrini Communication Degree?

A lot! COM is one degree that is widely transferable
to many different careers in many different industries.

The study of visual communication can lead to careers in video production, video editing, broadcast television, digital photography, photojournalism, streaming media, corporate video, video for social and many more. 

Visual Communication Careers


The study of audio communication can lead to careers in podcasting, radio broadcasting, broadcast announcing, A/V technology, audio for video, and many more. 

Audio Communication Careers

Digital Journalism

The study of digital journalism can lead to careers in multimedia journalism, freelance writing, magazine writing, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, corporate communication, content development, technical writing, and many more.

Digital Journalism Careers

Promo COM

The study of promotional communication pertains to marketing communication, advertising and public relations. Studying these disciplines can lead to a wide range of careers in digital and social media, social media marketing, influencer marketing, market research and consulting, entertainment, event management, government relations, non-profit relations, product management, and many more.

Promotional Communication Careers

Social media

The study of social media can lead to careers in social media marketing, digital communication, online community engagement, public relations, content management, social media evaluation, integrated marketing communication, digital advertising, and many more. 

Social Media Careers

Sports Comm

The study of sports communication can lead to careers in sports broadcasting, sports announcing, fan relations, sports journalism, sports media relations, sports media operations, recreational sports promotion, and many more.

Sports Communication Careers


The study of event management can lead to careers in event planning, integrated marketing communication, public relations, fundraising, meeting and convention management, venue management, donor relations, event social media marketing, and many more.

Event Management Careers

More Careers

In addition to the careers mentioned here already, you can work in:

Corporate Training & Development; HR; Education; Coaching

Legal & Political Communication; Campaign Management

College Admissions; Student Affairs; University Relations

Sales; Product Management; Recruiting

And the list goes on... 

There's so much you can do with a COM degree!

And Many More Careers...

Students in Cabrini's COM Department learn how to communicate through multiple media formats and over multiple media platforms. We never silo our students. We know a varied skill set opens many more career opportunities.


Did You Hear the Exciting News?

It's the beginning of an exciting new era for Cavalier Radio in the Communication Department at Cabrini University. Recognizing the accelerated growth of music streaming services and podcasting, the department has taken the bold step to expand its Internet radio operations by ending its FM license timeshare with Villanova University. Cav Radio will now be 100 percent streaming at CavalierRadio.com.

This strategic decision has several advantages.

First, it meets today’s listeners where they are - online. Buzzsprout’s July 2022 Podcast Statistics report is proof. It indicates that (1) “73% of the U.S. population 12+ have listened to online audio in the last month”; and (2) “over one-third (104 million) of Americans listen to podcasts regularly.” The Wall Street Journal backs up these statistics. It reported on March 25, 2022 that “digital audio audiences are on the upswing.” This is especially true among younger audiences.

This move also increases Cavalier Radio’s hours of operation to 24/7 all year long. Increased hours mean more opportunities for Cabrini COM students and community DJs to stream their shows, and to do so multiple times per week. Freedom from FCC license regulations also opens Cavalier Radio up to students outside of the major who previously needed training in FCC rules to secure a show on the station.

Pivoting to exclusively Internet radio programming is consistent with the COM Department’s history of continually reshaping its curriculum to respond to disruptions affecting traditional media. As the production and consumption of media content has changed, the department has nimbly and rapidly changed with it. Always with an eye to the future, it makes decisions like this one to competitively position its students against the best communication graduates in the nation.

This pivot is not without its nostalgic look back at the evolution of radio at Cabrini University. From the first sounds of WCAB via carrier current in the 1980s, to the joint-licensure agreement with Villanova to become 89.1 WYBF-FM in 1991, the radio program at Cabrini has always been a driving force for student engagement and learning at the university. Its rich history, coupled with support from its army of radio station alumni, will propel Cav Radio forward into its next new phase of growth.

The voice of Cabrini throughout the decades remains strong and is now just a click away at CavalierRadio.com. This is your invitation to listen.

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4 Things to Know About Us

There are four things you should know about Cabrini's COM Department.
These four things set us apart from other COM programs in the region and nation. Curious what they are? Learn more by watching this video.


Check out the kind of work you can do in Cabrini COM

DJ Cutman: Finding Himself

by Jessica Jerrarelli & Chantell Jackson Chris Davidson, also known as Dj Cutman, finds himself doing what he loves as his full-time job. He has been a success since he created Dj Cutman in 2010. Chris has created a name for himself in the video game world by creating remixes from the classic video games that his audience play on a daily basis. […]

Contagious Change

by Angelina Miller & Ryan Brong Imagine a world where the temperature is expected to rise 0.5 to 8.6 degrees fahrenheit over the next 10 decades. Take in the fact that simple human decisions such as wasting food, abusing electricity and drinking from plastic water bottles are some of the main causes of that gradual increase in […]

Cabrini Athletes Speak Out Against Racism

by Ty Daubert Editor’s note: This story was part of a group of 2020 stories that shared the 2021 Student Keystone Media Award for 3rd place for stories relating to DIVERSITY. Many have made their voices heard in the fight against systemic racism is recent months, and athletes are no exception to that. As the […]

Driving Teamwork

by Sydney Reddy and Lauren Giannone Jim Gutekunst lost his job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. After being unemployed for a time, Jim’s former client approached him with an opportunity to outfit adventure vans. With no college education and mostly unrelated job experience, Jim accepted the position. Jim has had many different jobs […]

Fix For Addiction

by Cabrini’s Honors Convergence Students FixForAddiction.com won a Gold Davey Award in the Websites – Activism category — Every day Americans turns a blind eye to the national addiction epidemic and we are left with two questions. Why do we have to be high….and what can we do about it? Addiction is in everyone’s backyard. Everyone is affected […]

IMC Client Project: YouTube Commercial

by Angelina Halas Students in COM 369 – Integrated Marketing Communication – partner with a real-world client each semester to develop an IMC plan that promotes the client’s products, services, or brand. They also use their media skills to produce promotional messages the client can use in their IMC campaigns. Here is a YouTube video […]

IMC Client Project: TikTok Video

by Hanna Hyland Students in COM 369 – Integrated Marketing Communication – partner with a real-world client each semester to develop an IMC plan that promotes the client’s products, services, or brand. They also use their media skills to produce promotional messages the client can use in their IMC campaigns. Here is a TikTok video […]

Stop Anti-Asian Hate

by Anna Schmader, Sydnee Reddy & Mark Findley Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have been specifically stereotyped and targeted for abuse since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though awareness of hate crimes against the AAPI community has increased, an open threat against them remains in place. This year on March 26, 2021, eight women […]

A Life Worth Taking Risks For

by Marissa Roberto “We were living in the war. We experienced bombings. We experienced snipers.” Miray is 26-years-old. She was born and raised in Syria. Syria was her home, her country but now a war zone. The Syrian Civil War started in March 2011 when anti-government peaceful protests turned violent due to government forces fighting back.Many have […]

Shout-out to Cabrini COM from Current Students


Layal Srour

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is the hands-on experience. It allows you to put yourself in real-world situations and learn the in's and out's of the field. The hands-on experience also creates close relationships with professors and classmates. 


Matthew Rutherford

Junior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

I like that I get individual attention from the teachers in the COM Department.
They show that I am not just another student. 

Fee SCJ Headshot

Megan Fee

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the Cabrini COM Department is all of the opportunities and experiences it has to offer. I loved the Communication Learning Community (LC), and the professors are all so approachable, welcoming, and are there for the students!

Image (4)

TJ Scott

Junior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is the people that you can connect with, whether it’s professors, alumni or students. The inclusivity in recent years has seen the program grow and I admire that.


Joana Cainglet

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is the continuous support from our professors and fellow students. In addition, I also like the endless amount of opportunities available in and after college.


Victoria Boland

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is the hands-on learning experience. The COM Department has provided me with specific skills and leadership tools that will aid me in achieving my future career. The professors and students in the COM Department have made Cabrini my second home, and I am grateful for that.  


Jeffery Williams

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is how welcoming professors are and how they're always willing to help the students.

Image (5)

Anna Schmader

Senior, Communication Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is the helpful resources available. From the caring staff to the friendly student body, the COM Department has made my experience at Cabrini fulfilling.

Gabby 2

Gabrielle Cellucci

Senior, Digital Communication & Social Media Major

My favorite thing about the COM Department is how helpful the professors are with both class work and advising students. I also like how there are so many ways to get involved in the COM Department, along with being able to get to know my classmates.

Shout-out to Cabrini COM from Alumni

Danielle Alio, Class of 2012
Multimedia Supervisor

Office of Communications
Princeton University

Jenay Smith, Class of 2014
Life Skills Development Trainer

Center for Hunger-free Communities

Madison Milano, Class of 2015
Philadelphia Futures

Events Manager

Sharvon Hales, Class of 2003

Sales Support &
Marketing Supervisor (USA)

Deion Allen, Class of 2018
On-Air Talent

100.3 R&B and Hip-Hop

Renee DiPietro, Class of 2003
Gifted Support Teacher

Penn-Delco School District

Janene Gibbons, Class of 2009
Communications Professional


Jeny Varughese, Class of 2012
MBA Candidate, Widener University

Kathy Wickline Casting
Editing Intern

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The Communication Department at Cabrini University is the ideal place for socially minded students who want to learn how to tell stories that matter. We offer a hands-on program in digital communication and social media that builds the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to create an impact in today's world.

Address: 610 King of Prussia Rd.,
Radnor, PA 19087

Phone: 610-902-8100

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