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Communication Professional Development Program

The four-year Professional Development Program in the Communication Department will prepare you to make important career and life decisions here at Cabrini College and throughout your life. The program utilizes a narrative approach to career development. In other words, it enables you to tell your story compellingly to the people you would like to influence (i.e., employers, internship supervisors, graduate school admissions personnel, etc.).
Stories can be attention getting, memorable, meaningful, and relevant. In this Professional Development Program, you’ll learn to develop and deliver these well-told stories that showcase your unique strengths, abilities, and talents. More importantly, you’ll learn how to position your capabilities in terms of a company’s needs. After all, every employer/supervisor/grad officer will want to know how you will enhance their organization. Your well-crafted stories will tell them.

Career Narrative Focus

Every year in the Professional Development Program, you will progress through the 6-phase Career Narrative Process (see graphic below). However, rather than being redundant, the program adopts a new career focus from your first to fourth year. The focus areas are as follows:

  • FRESHMAN YEAR: Self-awareness & Storytelling
  • SOPHOMORE YEAR: Marketplace and Societal Knowledge & Positioning
  • JUNIOR YEAR: Workplace Readiness & Presenting
  • SENIOR YEAR: Entrepreneurial Thinking & Persuading

Course Requirements

You will enroll in the Professional Development Program EVERY semester over four years for .5 credits each term. Thus, you will earn 1 credit total in COM 103 (Fall & Spring term). In COM 203, 303, and 403, you’ll also earn 1 credit each year. After four years, you will have accumulated 4 credits total credits in Professional Development upon graduation.

For this .5 credit, you will be required to complete 7 hours of instruction. That time will consist of the following activities each semester:

  • Two or three class meetings with COM Department faculty
  • One or two speaker events for all Communication majors & Digital Communication and Social Media majors
  • One or two events offered through the COM Department or Center for Career and Professional Development and accompanying written reflections
  • One extensive advising session with a COM Department faculty member
  • Various assignments posted to Blackboard/Cabrini Learn

Course Instructors

All faculty members in the COM Department jointly share the responsibility for instructing the Professional Development Program over all four years (COM 103, 203, 303, 403). Your Class Meetings will be taught by one or more COM Department faculty members. Your assignments will be graded by the COM Department faculty member who is your adviser.

If you have any questions about the Professional Development Program, you can ask your advisor or any of the COM Department faculty. The faculty are located in the Communication Wing on the 2nd floor of Founder’s Hall.

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