Loquitur Media reports every day not just on campus happenings and issues but on issues in the region and the world that impact on the lives of the campus community.

Loquitur (which is Latin for “It Speaks”) has published continuously since 1959. Although online for more than 10 years, in 2016 online became the main news source for stories, with a substantial upgrade to the video portion of stories.

Loquitur Media continues to grow in attention to sports, video, photography, and graphics, in addition to its award-winning news stories.

Loquitur has won many top national awards for journalism, including the premier award, the Associated Collegiate Press’s All-American award.

Loquitur is especially proud of the many important stories that go beneath the surface. Examples range from abusive relationships to Syrian refugees. These stories go far beyond what is found in most campus news media and result in our students achieving early success in their job searches.


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