Fix for Addiction is the web site produced by the 2016-17 senior honors class.

Every day Americans turns a blind eye to the national addiction epidemic and we are left with two questions.
Why do we have to be high….and what can we do about it?

Addiction is in everyone’s backyard. Everyone is affected in some way, shape or form. It robs many of the lives that they were meant to live and leaves them being less than the person they were put on this planet to be.

Obituaries are full of deaths related to drugs. Babies are unwillingly born dependent and this problem is locked away in jails. Parents lose their children without a goodbye. Staying clean for 30 years can be changed in a matter of 30 seconds. Just by an impulsive decision rooted in the fact that addiction is a recurring disease that is never truly cured.

“So, what is addiction? It is a pain killer and everyone’s tolerance is different. Today, I’ll call it that. Tomorrow, you ask me the same question and I might have a different answer,” Patrick Brown, Interventionist at the Malvern Institute, said. “But, what is addiction? It’s scary as heck. It ruins lives and not just the person addicted.”

Drugs are smuggled over our borders. Prescription pain medicine is handed out like candy and the magnitude of this problem gets worse day by day. The systemic issues run deep. In 2015, deaths from heroin alone surpassed gun homicides. Alcohol and tobacco are the two biggest substance killers and they’re legal.

“I had a mom here [at the New Leaf Club] who said, ‘I had a cesarean and they gave me two Percocet pills. My son had his wisdom teeth taken out, fifteen years old, they gave him sixty,’” Mary Nixon, founder and executive director of The New Leaf Club, said. “He’s been in three rehabs.” Read more at

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